About Builddrive.com and what we believe in.

We help construction teams to collaborate better

We come from the construction industry. And we have experienced the catharsis that comes with working on complex construction projects. We loved it, but we also found room for improvement.

We built Builddrive.com to a flexible productivity tool for construction teams. A tool that fits many working styles. Builddrive help construction teams to work more efficient by enabling collaboration throughout the project cycle. 

What we believe in.

We build software that’s easy to use – for everyone. Everyone claims this, but we actually do it. How do we do it? We like to keep it simple but powerful. 

We try to keep it lightweight and we are very selective about what features we build.

Builddrive helps your team work more efficiently and deliver successful projects.

A document sharing service is essential for construction teams because it provides a centralized platform for sharing and collaborating on project documents.

With construction projects involving multiple stakeholders and various documents, a document sharing service streamlines the workflow by allowing team members to access and edit documents in real-time, no matter where they are located.

This means that team members can work collaboratively, resulting in faster decision-making and increased productivity. 

With Builddrive construction teams can work more efficiently, save time and money, and ultimately deliver successful projects on time and within budget.