Finally, let's streamline communications

Buildchats lets your office team connect with your field crew to share ideas, set deadlines and make decisions – together in a dedicated space.

Streamline communications within the team

Less phone calls, less emails..

Buildchats means less phone calls, less emails, less meetings and more time to work on stuff that actually matters.
Rugged phone with buildchats message app

Group chats, one-on-ones or company wide

Discuss on your terms. Add chat rooms however you want them, with everyone or in smaller groups. You can have a chat for the management, and one per construction manager with his crew.

Send files, photos or drawings

Your field crew can snap a photo and send to the office – and the office can respond in real-time with a drawing or document.

Invite your team, or external stakeholders

You can invite team members or external stakeholders and bring together the right people, with the right context, and move projects forward way faster.

Construction team
Developed for the AEC industry

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

It is difficult to keep track of all projects, subcontractors and construction sites. Buildchats is specialized for Construction Teams in the AEC industry with high expectations regarding security, availability and ease of use.

Works on all devices and smartphones

Buildchats is easy to use and works on all computers and smartphones.